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If You Are Getting Married in 2018 – You Need to Read This

If you have not already booked your DJ – What Are You Waiting For?


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I am lucky in that most potential wedding clients who reach out to me already know what they are looking for. They what music to be a big focus of their special day and are trying to find their DJ early on in the process, which is ideal.

But that is not the case with many couples who take months looking for flowers and dresses and tasting every last appetizer and main course on the menu.  Then, much later in the process – they begin to look for a DJ. This is not a good plan.

A number of times a month I get calls or emails from a bride to be asking about my services.  Sometimes these calls end with a “…we will get back with you when we get closer to the date…” Unfortunately for them, by the time they call back, I am often booked, and so are many of my other DJ friends who I could have recommended.

To accentuate this point – here is a list from a recent Bridal Show – showing all the attendees and the date of their upcoming wedding. Multiply this by 20 or 30 for all the local wedding showcases and events in the Boston area over the next 6 months and you will begin to understand how important it is to book your entertainer early.  These brides are your competition for the best vendors on the most popular dates.  And unlike a bakery or florist, that have a number of people working on each wedding, many of the best wedding DJs are single ops – who only take one booking a day (in my case, usually only one per weekend)

If your wedding date is on this list, you need to get moving. Find the DJ you want and book him or her now.  The last thing you want is to be stuck with your “second choice” on your wedding day.


May 5 – 15 Weddings
May 12 – 17 Weddings
May 19 – 19 Weddings
May 26 – 21 Weddings

June 2 – 22 Weddings
June 9 – 21 Weddings
June 16 – 22 Weddings
June 23 – 21 Weddings
June 30 – 24 Weddings

July 7 – 18 Weddings
July 14 – 24 Weddings
July 21 – 17 Weddings
July 28 – 14 Weddings

August 4 – 16 Weddings
August 11 – 17 Weddings
August 189 – 18 Weddings
August 25 – 15 Weddings

September 12- 17 Weddings
September 8 – 21 Weddings
September 15 – 25 Weddings
September 22 – 25 Weddings
September 29 – 25 Weddings

October 6 – 16 Weddings
October 13 – 17 Weddings
October 20 – 15 Weddings
October 278 – 12 Weddings

If you believe that music plays a vital role in the success of your event and are willing to budget accordingly for a truly exceptional performance, Contact Me to set up a consultation.

Paul Dailey
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