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How To Pick The Perfect DJ For Your Wedding Day


Great article from Becka Pillmore at Pill Photographer in Philadelphia – about how to pick the perfect DJ for your wedding day

Play that funky music DJ! Play that funky music right NOOOOOWWW! How does that song go again?

In my opinion a DJ can make or break your wedding reception vibe. When it comes to choosing a DJ, it is important to get someone who plays good music, but that is not all. Not all DJs are created equally and I would love to give you a few things to think about when choosing your music provider for your big day!

1. Technology | If your DJ tells you they wheel in over 20,000 CDs to fufill any and every request, RUN! I am embarrassed to tell you that I have seen far to many DJs at a wedding still using CDs. There is nothing more frustrating then having your first dance song painfully scratch through the whole chorus. Also, does your DJ have a wireless mic and enough equipment if you need him to run sound for your outdoor ceremony? Have an idea of all your sound needs when initially meeting your DJ.

2. Interacting with guests | Guests request the strangest songs and your DJ should be able to buffer those ridiculous requests in a professional manor. Once at a wedding, I saw a tiny battle between a guest, bride, and DJ. The DJ decided to tell the guest that he couldn’t play a particular song because the Bride won’t let him (which was a lie). It went around and around and it was super awkward. I think the best DJ’s know how to interact with guests where it is a win/win for all parties and no one, especially the bride and groom, gets thrown in front of a bus.

3. Experience and ability to problem solve | Anything is possible on your wedding day. A guest might kicks a cord and it comes unplugged, your outdoor reception might be a bit windy, the officiant drops the mic and it breaks, a cocktail hour has to be moved inside at the last minute, etc. Does your DJ have enough experience to handle any situation? Ask how many years of experience they have or if they has any technical background? We have actually helped a DJ put batteries into a mic, no lie.

4. The ability to read a crowd | Maybe the most important characteristic of a DJ is the ability to read a crowd. I have seen the dance floor hopping and then all of a sudden the DJ plays a slow song and not one person hits the dance floor for another 30 minutes! A DJ should play what the people want and keep the crowd happy. A great DJ should be aware of his crowd while playing music sets that are personalized to your wedding day and not just playing his favorite jams!

5. Not the bell of the ball | I feel that I shouldn’t have to say this, but sadly I do… Some DJ’s love the spotlight! If you are meeting with a DJ and they are talking more then you, it might be a good sign that this DJ diva will have a hard time putting down the mic at your reception. A good DJ will be comfortable on a mic and use it sparingly.



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